Revolutionizing the Housing Industry

S-Squared 4D Commercial, a division of S-Squared 3D Printers Inc., is currently in development of a state-of-the-art Eco-friendly concrete printer which will revolutionize the housing industry as we know it.

Our Mission

Our mission here at S-Squared 4D Commercial is to revolutionize the construction industry forever. We strive to reinvent how mankind handles the building of everything from homes to roads and bridges. This kind of outside-the-box thinking and solutions will reduce environmental impact, cut overhead costs, save lives and prevent injuries. We’re a collection of specialists, engineers, designers, architects and futurists with a single goal in mind: To take the way buildings and structures are built, and radically change it from the inside out.

Engineered by S-Squared in New York

Comprised of members of various industries and specializations, We here at S-Squared are committed to engineering and producing affordable, low environmental impact housing and structures using automated building methods. Taking the core principles of 3D printing, we apply it to large scale projects and builds. This is what will change the housing sector, as well as public roads and bridges. 

Unveiling Soon

We’re excited to share our latest progress and innovations with the world. Check back often as we will constantly update the website with new content, images, video and news articles. For the latest information on S-Squared 4D Commercial, Click the button below.

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